PhD Student,
TIES Group

100 Main Street,
Cambridge, MA

I am PhD student in the MIT Sloan PhD program. I grew up in Pune, India, got a degree in Computer Engineering at the College of Engineering, Pune and an MBA at the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. My favourite number is 42.

Research Interests:
I am interested in the impact of digital information in shaping market and social outcomes. At the moment, I'm working on a number of projects that use the metaphor of map-making, to understand how maps represent and diffuse digital information and how maps can be exploited empirically to answer central questions in the area of strategy, innovation and public policy.

In other ongoing work, I have a paper about the role of copyright law in the diffusion and impact of digital information. See my research page for more.

Recent News:

Does Copyright Affect Reuse? Evidence from the Google Books Digitization Project
September, 2014 | New Version! | revision requested (Management Science)

In this paper I investigate how copyright law shapes digital content. Baseball Digest issues before 1964 are out-of-copyright while post 1964 issues are in copyright. When these issues were digitized, Wikipedia pages from pre-1964 players benefited disproportionately as compared to those from post-1964 players. These pages experienced a greater increase in citations, the number of images and incoming web-traffic to their pages, but did not experience a differential increase in the amount of text.

You can now download a draft of the paper here.

MIT Economist: Here's How Copyright Laws Impoverish Wikipedia
July, 2012 · The Atlantic

An article (by Rob Meyer) previewing results from my second year paper that investigates the impact of copyright on the quality of wikipedia pages. Lots more to come soon including complete paper, slides and more charts. Stay tuned!

Other coverage: JETLaw, Techdirt, Wikipedia Signpost